Video’s from Pastor

During this time we hope you enjoy hearing from us through these videos. We can’t wait to get back to meeting together again, meanwhile we will do our best to get the Word of the Lord to you by any means possible. We love you! God Bless You!

4/5/20 Encouraging Word from Pastor Tyrone


April 2020

April 5, 2020 Pastor Tyrone Dastugue

December 2019

Are We Being Transformed?

Why do we Pray?

Drop Your Rock 12.1.2019 10:30

November 2019

11.17.19 Are We Buffering

11.3.19 Sermon

October 2019

What is the Communion All About? 10.6.2019 10:30

September 2019

Are We Following Our Navigational Signs

How this World Works

Are We There Yet?